about_usYour “about us” or “about” page is the perfect opportunity to tell your story. Who are you? What’s your business all about? What makes you stand out from your competitors? What inspired you to start this business? What makes you unique?

Answering these questions on your “about” page can help viewers to learn about your company in a way that encourages them to interact with your business.

Some more tips for crafting a great “about” page include:

1. Consider your audience
Imagine your target audience. Who is most likely to see your “about page”? Are they new moms, young professionals, tech geeks, fashionistas? Write your “about” page with your specific, perfect audience in mind.

2. Be conversational
Sometimes writing this page can seem like a boring task, but it’s actually a vital part of your web content. So get excited! It can help to think about how you would talk to someone about your business’ story if you were meeting for coffee.

3. Know your story
How did your business get started? Where did you get the idea for it? Where does your creative inspiration come from? What’s your background? What motivates and/or inspires you? What is your vision and/or goal with your small business? Answering some or all of these questions can help you craft a compelling story on your “about” page. Try free-writing answers to these questions individually, then editing the parts you love best together.

4. Showcase who you are
Give your “about” page some personality! This is a great place to incorporate images related to your business and its values. Don’t be afraid to use your picture – and one of your in your place of business is even better! Be sure to take advantage of subheadings, bullets, and graphics to make your page easy to read.

Ready to get writing?

We’d love to know more about you.
Feel free to share your About page with us in the comments below! And if you want, tell us why you love it!

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