Email Marketing | Markbeech MarketingRecently, we published a blog post on why email subject lines are so important, along with some really effective ones we found. Now we want to help you write you own!

Here are some tips to improve your subject lines to grow that email open rate:

Trim it up!
If your email subject line is too long to read, how will readers scanning their inbox know that they need to click and read your information? Make sure your subject line doesn’t get cut off by trying to keep it under 40 characters, or six to eight words.

Ask questions.
Questions grab readers’ attention and pique curiosity. Readers want to find out the answer or learn more – making them more likely to click and open your email.

Include a deadline.
This successful promotional strategy works best for events or special offers. You can send initial announcements to let people know about an event or offer, then later on send a final reminder with a tight deadline. You can promote a special offer or even a few weeks before the deadline, the week of and the day before. People will appreciate you reminding them so they don’t miss out.

Direct calls to action.
“Join us for the event of the season” is straightforward and to the point. Direct calls to action can encourage readers to open your email right now and follow the instructions.

Remove spam language.
Aggressively sales-like language is likely to be marked as spam, so avoid overly promotional language like “Buy NOW” or “Free!!!” Loud punctuation that uses all-caps or multiple exclamation points can also feel overly aggressive, so use with caution.

Make announcements.
Announcement emails share something new and exciting, which makes your readers feel like they’re important, the first to know this great new information, and can motivate them to read all the details. Consider adding ‘Breaking News’ to your subject line (of course only use this, if it is, in fact, breaking news!)

Try a list.
List posts are very popular right now, so take advantage of that and use a list in your subject line. This tells your readers that the information they’re about to receive is well organized and easily digestible. One example might be ‘Top 5 Ways to Create an Effective Subject Line’

Be unique!
Above all, it’s your company! Keep your email subject lines personalized, unique to your business and your niche-market.


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