when should you send a press releaseSometimes you’re so close to your business and have such a strong desire to tell the world about what you’re doing that it’s hard to take an objective look and make sure the press release you are writing is newsworthy. To your passionate self, it all may be newsworthy! But to the news outlets you are sending it to…perhaps not.

So how do you judge what to publicize? When you are deciding what to write about keep in mind; do others care about this message besides you?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a million good reasons to send a press release. And here are just a few:

  • New hire
  • Merger/acquisition
  • Promotions/leadership appointments
  • New product or service
  • Change in location
  • Business earnings
  • Location change
  • Extending hours
  • Hosting or sponsoring an event
  • Publishing a white paper/report
  • Receiving an award/recognition
  • Community engagement efforts (volunteering, clean-ups, donations)
  • Tips and tricks (specific to your industry–lists are great for this)
  • Green initiatives
  • Crisis (obviously)

There is a caveat though—your press release gains a lot of mileage when it’s

  • relevant
  • timely
  • interesting

(now that’s newsworthy!).

So, if you can tie your release into current news, or shape your pitch (don’t force it) to align with what your media contacts are reporting on—in other words, work an angle of your story—do it. Make that sucker work for you! Just be sure you’re still telling your stuff in a genuine, honest way that has real value for you, your news outlets, and, of course your audience.

One last thought

Do you have crazy-good visuals you can share, potential interviews with experts, or more information (data, reports, articles, professional endorsements) to support what’s in your release? Include it! This can make your news stew a bit richer and meatier, and help build strong rapport with your contacts.

So get writing!

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