fb-friends_sm-150x81#MMTT As your friend list grows, you will find you miss more posts from personal friends, business friends, etc.

How do you manage it all? Create ‘friend’ lists.

An easy way to keep up with everyone is to create a different list for each group you want to be sure and keep up with.

I would especially recommend putting together a list of your business friends. Each day you can check that list to see if there is there is something you want to reach out to them about – maybe they had a birthday, a new pet, etc. Remember, social media is ‘social’ and about building relationships.

Here are some thoughts on lists to create:
~ family
~ close friends
~ business friends
~ media contacts

You can also create different privacy options for each list.

So take a few minutes today and organize your Facebook friends into lists. Here’s how: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=768

What lists will you create?

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