profile-150x150“The Butterfly Effect is the theory that the tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wings can create enormous changes halfway across the world.”   ~ Robert G. Allen

If you have taken any of my social media classes (Social Media 101, Facebook: Start to Finish, Why You Need Twitter, LinkedIn: More Than Just a Resume Site, Build Your Business with Blogs)  or read my ‘Butterfly Effect’ column in the River City Record you will no doubt have heard the quote above – it’s one of my favorites.

In his book about the Enlightened Millionaire, Allen believes you can accomplish amazing things with your life – even become a millionaire – using a carefully designed systems of focused actions.

So get ready to flutter your wings because each week we will be bringing you a Tuesday Tip, a simple ‘flutter’ you can use in your business. And for our Twitter followers, we are using #MMTT for Markbeech Marketing Tuesday Tip.

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Here’s this Tuesday’s Tip:
On your Facebook business page (Fan page, Like page, whatever you refer to it as), be sure to include two things in your profile description (the box right below your profile image)

Markbeech Marketing facebook profile1) Use keywords.
If you are unsure how to select your keywords, here’s a good video overview from YouTube on how to select your keywords.

2) Use ‘http://’ in your website or blog address.
This will make your link ‘live’ so your visitors can click on it and go directly to your website instead of having to copy and paste the www address into their browser.

It is always best to make it as easy as possible for people to go in the direction you are leading them.

Final Thought
You may want to link your Facebook profile to your blog instead of your website. If your blog is filled with great content, it may be a better place for people to learn about who you are and what your company are experts at (or put your blog in your ‘founded’ tab – but that’s for another Tuesday Tip 😉

Let me know how it works for you!

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