paper-150x150I just love this way of summing up one easy way to use Twitter. Many of my clients find Twitter a little too abstract and confusing to get involved in.

I say, one of the best ways to get comfortable with it is to see what other people are doing, sign up, follow influential people, industry news sources, and other valuable resources and just use it as your morning paper.

When the new domain names with the .co extension came on the market, I found out through Twitter.

When Facebook was down for three hours, I found out through Twitter and was able to keep in touch with clients and prospects through Twitter.

When there is a natural disaster or breaking news anywhere in the world, you can bet people are talking about it on Twitter.

So our Tuesday Tip this week is get involved in Twitter.

1) Watch and read what others in your industry are talking about, Tweeting about, communicating to their peeps. (go to try putting in #RVA to see what Richmonders are talking about)

2) Sign up for an account ( Be sure to fill out your profile completely. Put your logo or image in the profile picture, put a link to your website or blog and have a nice, descriptive profile using your keywords.

3) Follow influential people, industry news sources, and other valuable resources (FYI – many will follow you back!)

4) Every morning when you are preparing for the day, check to see what people are talking about in your industry, current events going on and you will also see a lot of inspirational quotes, which is a nice way to start your day.

You may even want to go ahead and RT (retweet) some useful articles and use some informative articles as content for your Facebook page or your blog – don’t forget to include your opinion.

So check out your new morning paper, Twitter – you never know what you might find.

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