Pumpkins | Markbeech MarketingWith Halloween around the corner, there’s still timed to create some spooky, Halloween-themed marketing promotions. Halloween kicks off the beginning of the holiday season, making it an excellent time to start reaching out to your customers and prospects with fun, seasonal marketing efforts that capture their attention (and hopefully their business!).

Here are some simple Halloween marketing tips to show your clientele you’re a “treat”—

• Run a Themed Contest
Halloween is one of the perfect holidays for contests—people are making costumes, carving pumpkins, and decorating their homes for the 31st. Engage your audience by running some kind of photo contest for Best Costume/Pumpkin/Décor/Halloween Treats, etc. WooBox is a great way to run contests via Facebook, because it allows your fans to upload pictures within Facebook’s promotion guidelines (which don’t allow you to require participants to upload photos to your timeline for contests).

• Play a Game
Send those who visit your website on a scavenger hunt for a pumpkin, ghost, bat, or other spooky icon. You can strategically place these on pages you want visitors to see, then offer discount codes or small prizes to the first people who find the icons and inform you via Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social networking site you most use.

• Talk It Up!
Even if you don’t choose to host a contest or set up a game, there are still ways to incorporate Halloween (or other holidays) into your marketing strategy. Communicate with your customers and prospects on social media. You can do something as simple as asking about their plans, safe places to trick-or-treat, and family traditions, or as interactive as having an office costume contest and asking social media followers to vote on their favorite ones.

• Create Themed Content for Your Brand
If your business sells outdoor clothing, consider content like REI’s “Zombie Survival Gear” infographic. As a marketing company, we might run content about “Scary ROI Stories” or “The Top 5 Spookiest Hackers.”

• Throw a Halloween Event
If you really want to get creatively engaged, consider hosting a Halloween-themed event the weekend before Halloween, when people are thinking about the holiday but less likely to be busy. A cupcake- or cookie-shop might offer a night of spooky decorating. You could even turn part of your storefront into a mini-haunted house!

If your business is in a place that has the advantage of foot traffic, consider staying open on Halloween (some downtown areas also offer trick-or-treat alternative days). Dress up and have some fun, give out candy in branded goody bags, and invite clients to come trick-or-treat.

This is a really fun holiday to incorporate into your business.
What spooky promotional ideas have you implemented?

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