healthy snacks | Markbeech MarketingWhen you’re in need of a pick-me-up, we all know that it’s easy to turn to sugary sweets and chocolates. But these sugar-packed snacks spike your blood sugar, giving you an instant high, and then cause you to crash.

Instead of reaching for sugars, opt for these simple yet protein-, fiber-, and carb-packed snacks to keep your energy level up for longer:

1. Berries.
There are eight grams of fiber in one cup of raspberries or blackberries. Foods like these, which are high in fiber, release sugar into your body more slowly so that your pick-me-up lasts longer. Pair the berries with low-fat string cheese for an extra boost!

2. Popcorn.
This movie-theater snack contains lots of B vitamins, which can help convert food into energy. As in berries, the fiber in popcorn helps you maintain a steady blood sugar level. Just make sure to make one of the lower-fat versions without the movie theater butter to keep this snack in the healthy range.

3. Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt.
Yogurt has all sorts of healthy benefits! It delivers twice the protein and much less sugar than regular yogurt, keeping you full for longer. Add some of those raspberries or blackberries we mentioned earlier for an extra fiber boost.

4. Oats.
Oats have a ton of great vitamins like potassium, magnesium, B, and E. They’re also high in protein and calcium. Consider snacking on a granola that’s oat-heavy for a great afternoon pick-me-up.

5. Dried Fruits and Nuts.
Between the two, there’s a good mix of healthy fats and protein. Nuts burn slowly and provide you with long-lasting energy, while the dried fruits can add a bit of sweetness and fiber. A small handful, or about a fourth of a cup, is recommended for the right amount of nutrients to keep you energized, without filling you up so much that you find yourself in an afternoon food coma.

Do you have a favorite afternoon snack? Do share!

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