giving-150x150I have a smart phone and I love it! There, I said it.

I really didn’t fully see the benefits of having one until I broke down and purchased one. Now, I can see the future!

So, in my journey of learning how to effectively use my smart phone (incidentally, I just came across a statistic that states “Half of Mobile Users (51.1%) say they now check their email using ONLY a mobile device” – wow). The takeover of mobile has begun.


‘Nuff said. Here are some fantastic apps I have on my phone that I really use in my business:

  • camscanner appCamScanner
    Need to scan signed contracts, great information someone shows you or anything you want? Scan it right on the spot and then upload it directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox.


  • godocs appGoDocs
    If you use Google Drive (which used to be called Google Docs) then this is a simple way to access your documents on Google (even your scanned docs from CamScanner)


  • card munch appCard Munch
    Got a business card with no time to upload their information? Card Munch takes a picture of their business card and after just a few minutes, their information is in your phone. Connect with them on Twitter, too, with just the touch of a button.


  • find my iphoneFind My iPhone
    If you have an iPhone or iPad you may never lose it again. Find My iPhone shows you exactly where your phone or tablet is at any moment. (Also good for finding your spouse and kids if they have one, too!)


  • lastpass wallet appLP Wallet
    If you don’t yet use a program to store all your passwords then you need to get on board. We recommend and their mobile app, LP Wallet is perfect if you need to remember your password to log into your Google Docs or anything you store there.


Well, I have other apps on there for fun, too but that’s for another post!


Do tell us, what are your favorite apps?

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