mobile apps | Markbeech MarketingAs technology expands, it’s important to the vitality of a business to keep up with changing technology. Mobile applications both keep your business up-to-date and allow it to function more smoothly. Here are the top five business apps that every company should have:

1. Skype
Skype is an app that provides a variety of free or cost-effective services such as video calling, voice calling, and instant messaging, and it can be easily used for virtual business meetings. Because of this, Skype is a great way for your business to save money on long distance or international calls. It’s available in a variety of mobile apps for smart devices, phones, and tablets.

2. Office Suite: Documents To-Go –
As with Skype, Office Suites apps are available on a number of mobile phones and tablets. The free, trial version can be used to view Excel or Word documents, but it’s necessary to upgrade to the premium version in order to access full editing capabilities. Other apps like Quickoffice, another mobile office suite, can provide similar coverage.

3. Any.DO –
This great productivity app is a simple, on-the-go to-do list that allows you to check off completed tasks. Bonus: if you install Any.DO on your phone, you can assign missed calls to the to-do list. Any.DO or other to-do list applications keep your to-do list at your fingertips, rather than on an oft-misplaced piece of paper.

4. OfficeTime –
OfficeTime is a small business accounting application that provides a practical, simple way to keep track of billable hours and other expenses, and can even generate invoices. OfficeTime can track how much time is spent on projects and tasks while they’re being completed and shows the minute-by-minute costs or rounds the numbers, depending on the setting.

5. Evernote –
This neat, notepad-like application syncs to a database, allowing you to access files from multiple locations. You can even divide notes into subcategories. Evernote also allows you to share notes with others through social media apps.

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