punch-300x210Typically, the discussion related to Twitter and LinkedIn speaks to how you can benefit from each of these platforms and how to improve your use of these social media sites. Both marketing platforms are important and the value they offer independently is a discussion we engage in frequently.


If you only think about these two sites (and the numerous other media sites at our disposal) as independent entities you are in danger of underutilizing the power available. Champion fighters tell us that the jab is a great weapon and that you can finish a fight quickly with a strong right cross.

Moreover, fighters will tell you one type of punch with out the other is a much less powerful approach to winning a boxing bout than using them in combination – the proverbial One-Two Punch.

Think of Twitter as a series of left jabs – frequent, short, and to the point. Think of LinkedIn as your right hand power punch [reverse these if you are a lefty]. You want to keep your audience’s attention with continual Twitter messages [jabs] and hit them with a powerful profile and strong presence [right cross] from LinkedIn.

Okay, ring the bell, boxing metaphor ended, you get the point!

Twitter – LinkedIn Connection

Connecting these two sites in and using them in combination is worth the effort.

In addition, this two-site structure is a great platform to promote a blog and of course your website. Each has its own virtues, but when you think of them as connected and use them that way the benefit is more than the sum of the parts.

How to Do It

At this point my guess is you are asking the question; “How exactly do I do this?”

The answer to this question is a little complex. However, there are some simple things you can and should do. Let’s walk through one set of steps to help you with the process of connecting these social media assets.

Obviously if you don’t have a Twitter or LinkedIn account login to one or both sites and set up accounts. If you’re not sure about best practices for setting up these accounts email me and we will be happy to guide you.

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Assuming you already have a Twitter and a LinkedIn account start by connecting them together. This is simple. First, edit your LinkedIn profile to include your Twitter account(s), yes you can have more than one, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Edit Your LinkedIn Profile
You will find a link on your profile where you add your website(s) and once on the correct page there will be an invitation to use a hyperlink to add a Twitter account. Follow the easy instructions.

Unless you have a reason for hiding it, select make it visible to “everyone’ and share all tweets. Selecting the rich link display option is optional, but there seems no reason not to.

Check “Yes, share all tweets”

Don’t Check “Share only tweets that contain #in”

Tweet display

Check “Show rich link display where possible (picture, page title, and short description).”

Now your Twitter account is visible on your profile and you will have the option to send Network Activity updates as tweets.

Go to your LinkedIn home page and scroll down to the:

Network Activity Dialogue Box

LinkedIn Network Activity Update

When you update your LinkedIn activity, you can send it as a tweet [Remember to keep it to 140 characters or less, LinkedIn will remind you so don’t worry too much about this]. All you have to do is check the box next to the Twitter icon.

If you send a LinkedIn message, you would prefer Twitter not to broadcast as a tweet, simply un-check the box. Remember to re-check the box the next time you update your LinkedIn activity.

Stay tuned for more information on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Carey Azzara is a marketing and research professional with 20 years experience and two advanced degrees. He has authored numerous publications including, Questionnaire Design for Business Research (2010, Tate Publishing)

Carey is the Chief Strategist on Social Media and Internet Marketing and Research at AtHeath.com. Be sure to check out his blog, ‘The Research Playbook’ for more great insights.

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