Email Marketing | Markbeech MarketingIn an age when we are all buried under a mountain of (cyber) mail, email subject lines are often the deciding factor in which emails get opened and which get filtered off, never to be read. The best email subject lines are the ones that will entice your subscribers to open the email and ultimately to buy your product, sign up for your special offer or build your credibility by providing valuable tips and resources.

Check out these examples of some of the best email subject lines we have found:

• From an airline: “You’re missing out on points!”
This short, effective marketing tactic plays into people’s “fear of missing out” and engages your subscribers. Other email subject lines that utilize this technique include: “Ends Today! 20% off your order”
“Don’t let these deals get away!”
“Last Chance to get [product/service] and save big!”

• From Warby Parker: “Uh-oh! Your prescription is about to expire”
If you’ve purchased glasses from this online retailer, they send these emails annually to remind customers they might need a new prescription. This subject line is all about timing and tone—it reminds the customer in a useful, friendly way by using conversational words and increases the chances that not only will the email get opened, but the customer may return for their next pair of frames.

• For exclusive members: “Email Subscriber Exclusive: [product name] sale is here!”
Everyone likes to feel special, and giving subscribers the sense of an exclusive deal can help persuade them to make their next purchase. Similar subject lines include:
“Macy’s Cardholder Exclusive: FREE 2 day shipping!”
“Thanks for your order! Enjoy 20% off your next purchase!”

• From Rent the Runway: “Happy Birthday, Ashley! [Surprise Inside!]”
Personalized email marketing can work wonders, and this subject line is no exception. In addition to the idea of a pleasant birthday surprise, email subject lines that include the recipient’s first name are also more likely to be opened than those that don’t.

• From a foodie website: “Best Sushi in Town”
This smart email subject line came to a sushi-loving friend at 5:30 on a Thursday evening. It’s an example of knowing your customer as well as “right place, right time” marketing. Almost to the weekend, hungry after work, this kind of email sparked her interest enough to click, read, and try the new restaurant later than weekend.

Here are some other direct, creative, and/or intriguing email subject lines we thought worked well:

• Amazon Got Hacked: Here’s what you need to know
• Temperatures Fall, Style Rises
• Uh oh! Did you forget someone on your Christmas list?
• How [your company] got its name
• Bring this email to our store and win!
• Send some flowers, get some flowers!
• Take Your Pick: Our 9 favorite products

Often times I will wait until the newsletter/email blast is ready before I choose the email subject line. I’ll select the most enticing part of it and try to make it even more enticing to my audience. I always send a copy of the email to myself to see if I would open it when it shows up in my inbox. I also send it to respected friends/colleagues for their input and initial thoughts.

Your email subject line is one of the most important aspects of your correspondence. Because, if they don’t open it, they won’t read the amazing information you have worked so hard preparing for them!

So next time you send out your email, spend a little extra time on your subject line. You’ll be glad you did!

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