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These days, companies need to know how to communicate with their prospects, customers and referral partners and how to do it on a consistent basis without devoting all their precious time to it.

Social media marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging are tremendous resources but each has it’s own unique setup, implementation and communication style.

Markbeech Marketing’s workshops and seminars inspire and educate businesses and organizations with smart marketing advice, practical strategies and real life examples and success stories. Audiences leave truly understanding each platform and with strategies and simple ways to implement them.

Our team of professionals are available to speak at your next conference or company workshop.

Topics include:

~ Social Media 101

This course is an overview about the most popular social media platforms and which one is best suited to effectively market and grow your business.
We will cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging and why they are necessary tools to achieve your business goals.

~ Facebook Start to Finish

With billions of daily active users Facebook, it is likely your audience of clients and prospects are on there, too. This course covers Facebook from it’s demographic details to  the anatomy of a compelling facebook business page, setting it up, simple ways to develop exciting content, privacy issues, facebook advertising and more.

~ Why You Need Twitter

Join us to learn about using Twitter for Business. We cover the basics including setting up your profile, how to Retweet, Direct Message, and more. We’ll help you
understand what a hashtag (#) is (and how you use it) and how your prospects are using Twitter. We will also cover strategic ways to create effective posts and simple tips for keeping your profile current.

~ LinkedIn: More Than Just a Resume Site

Join us to learn how to setup and use LinkedIn for your business. We will cover why LinkedIn is an essential marketing tool and the anatomy of a complete LinkedIn profile – personal and business. We will also cover smart ways to use your LinkedIn profile to promote your events, tweets and blog postings as well as research prospective clients.

~ Growing Your Business with Blogs

Are you blogging yet? Having a content-rich blog on your website is one of the most important ways to boost your SEO (getting found on Google, Yahoo, Bing). In this course, you will learn how to create valuable content, properly setup your blog posts (optimized!), and strategically promote them.  We’ll even show you how to schedule your posts so you don’t get overwhelmed.


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