promote your blog | Markbeech MarketingMy clients write great blog posts.


On their website via their blog posts, they provide pertinent information to their readers, put together helpful tips, provide excellent resources, tell great success stories and so much more (they make me proud!).


If you publish the same type of great information on your website it’s time to ensure you get the most mileage from your blog posts. You need to ensure you promote your blog post to your raving fans – (and to potential raving fans).


Here’s are just a few things you can do with one blog post:

  • Promote the blog post on facebook
    You can have this done automatically via a facebook app called RSS Graffiti or do it yourself and tag anyone involved. Be sure to include an image from the post.
  • Promote the blog post on twitter
    You can schedule this in advance via your Hootsuite account or tweet live. Again, be sure to @ tag anyone who might be especially interested. For example: @MarkbeechMktg Thought you might find this information useful!
  • Promote on LinkedIn
    Post a link and the intro to it on your home feed and/or on your business page. A great place to start a conversation especially if you are a b2b company.
  • Pin It on Pinterest
    If upscale women are your target then Pinterest is a must. Just add the ‘pin it’ extension to your browser, visit your blog page and click it. Be sure the pin includes a link back to your blog post. Or if you have a ‘pin it’ button on your blog post to encourage others to pin it, go ahead and pin it yourself!
  • Include it in your email newsletter
    Including your blog post in your newsletter captures the attention of those who may have missed it via your social media outlets. Just include an image from your post and the introduction along with a link to the full article. (don’t have a newsletter yet? We can help!)
  • Share it with individuals
    Have a specific client or prospect that might benefit from your blog’s information? Send them a link to it via email with a personal note: ‘Hi Julie, Just wrote this blog post from a conversation we had this week and thought you might find it useful. Have a great week!’
  • Promote it via your network
    Do you have referral partners? Ask them to kindly retweet it or share on facebook. Do you belong to a networking group? Share it on the group’s LinkedIn page. Your network is full of people who would be happy to help.



You spent your valuable time writing a smart, information, useful blog post, you need to be sure that you get as many people to see it as possible. Remember, as a business owner you are a smart problem solver – let’s share your knowledge.


Do you have other ways your promote your blog posts? We would love to hear them. Please share in the comments below!

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