1_linkedin_logo_vector-150x150Having a profile on LinkedIn is a smart way to connect with people online, but don’t forget to let people know you are on LinkedIn! After all, what’s the use of an online presence if people aren’t aware of it?

Here are some ways to let them know you’re active on LinkedIn:

1. In your email marketing:
• Place the ‘Connect with us on LinkedIn’ line somewhere in your newsletter. If your business is in the social media/marketing industries and your newsletters typically include outside articles, include one about the benefits of LinkedIn, maximizing your use of it, etc.
• Add a link in your email signature. That way, whenever you send an email, recipients will have the option to connect with you on LinkedIn. It’s a simple, small way to remind your contacts where they can find you and how they can refer you business.

2. On your printed marketing materials:
• Put your LinkedIn address on your printed materials: business cards, brochures, postcards. If you haven’t already customized your URL, do so (before adding it to printed marketing materials) – detailed instructions here. That way, rather than being a randomized collection of alphanumeric characters, your LinkedIn address is tailored to you or your business.

3. On your other social networks:
• On your other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ be sure to promote your LinkedIn profile or business page. Let people know what types of posts they’ll see.
• You can also add a LinkedIn ‘View My Profile’ button on your online resume, blog, and website.

Be sure to take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer!

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