Smart business owners are always working months in advance. They have set aside time to plan their content marketing. They look at what is most important to their target audience and how they are going to become a valued resource for what they need to help them solve their problems or make their life a little easier and happier. And the business owners who are the most successful have already created some or all of the marketing elements to support that.

Are you prepared for the year with your marketing focus? If the answer is no, don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. And, for many, this time of year is the perfect time to make a simple plan for your entire next year.

STEP 1) Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take a blank piece of paper and write down the next 12 months on the left hand side – skip a line after each month.
  • Keep in mind your target market and their greatest challenges, write down a topic you will focus on each month. For example, if you are in residential real estate, your monthly focus might look like this:
    • January – Make your home more energy efficient in the winter
    • February – Spread the love and show appreciation of past clients and referral sources
    • March – Best ways to prepare your home for the spring market
    • April – Spring home maintenance
  • For each month you might also want to focus on some type of local event happening like annual festivals, local holiday sales or hyper-local neighborhood events.
  • Be mindful that most months also have a national or even fun holiday. Here’s an article with the top holidays promoted via social media.

STEP 2) Once you have decided on what types of subjects to focus on each month, decide where you are going to post your content. For example:

  • Blogs
  • Email Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

STEP 3) Then, write your blog post working titles (here is a great article to get you thinking:

  • Find articles to support those topics that you can promote on your social media outlets.
  • Find some fun videos or motivational quotes to support these subjects.

STEP 4) Create the content! Now that you have the topics and supporting material…

  • Schedule a time on your calendar to write those blog posts
  • Block off time on your calendar to put together your email newsletters (you can do all 12 at once or just do 1 quarter at a time)
  • Schedule your social media posts
    • For Facebook you can schedule them right on Facebook to appear at a later date/time
    • For LinkedIn you can use a third party posting company like Hootsuite (add link) or MeetEdgar (add link) to schedule your posts

Pat yourself on the back because now you have a plan for your marketing for the coming months! As you consistently plan your topics ahead of time, it gets easier and easier to find and write the content. And, eventually, as you come across good content, you will be adding it to your schedule with ease!

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