time-clock-150x150As a small business owner, we all want perfect timing. When our client or prospect needs our services, we want to be there with bells on.

The best way to do that is to be consistent – always be there. Now I don’t mean physically be there – we can’t all run a 24 hour business – but keep in touch with your clients/customers and prospects on a consistent, regular basis and when they need you – they’ll know where to find you.

For example, say you have a leaky faucet and need a plumber. You used a terrific plumber last year but what was his name? What was the name of his company? And where did you put his phone number and other contact information?

Well, if that plumbing company had been sending you monthly (or even quarterly) email newsletters, direct mail pieces or had invited you to be a part of their social media environment, you will likely know exactly where to find them.

Moral of the story? Be consistent with your marketing efforts, be a resource and, ultimately, it will pay off!

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