Talking about your business, that is. We certainly hope they are but are you aware of what’s being said?

One smart way is to setup a Google alert. [Here’s how and where to setup a Google Alert] Choose a keyword or phrase and receive an email when it is mentioned online.

speaking | Markbeech MarketingWhat Happens if Someone is Talking About My Company?
What do you do if you are mentioned? Well, if it’s complimentary, I would at least say “thanks” but it would really go a longer way if you could add a nice shout out to the person who made the comment.

For example: ‘Thanks so much, Angie, for mentioning our newly designed widgets. We are really excited to have added that product too. It’s so versatile! Keep up the great writing!’

Maybe you could even return the favor and start to build your relationships. Can you connect with them on LinkedIn? Friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter? Do they have a blog?

What if the comment is negative? Yikes!
If the comment or mention is something negative, don’t panic. There is a smart way to handle that, too.

Address It
If it is a valid argument, address it using the following steps:

1) acknowledge the comment (you may even want to thank them for bringing it to your attention).

2) apologize (if it is indeed an error or oversight).

3) explain what steps you will take to rectify the situation (a replacement product, a free upgrade or you will contact them to discuss).

4) tell them how you will ensure this does not happen again.

For Example:
“Hi Laura. Thanks so much for letting us know about your situation. We are terribly sorry your widget was damaged when you received it. And we are truly sorry that you do not feel you received the customer service you expected.

Based on your situation, we are changing how we inspect our products before they are shipped and have implemented new customer service guidelines. We will also be sending you a free widget – it’s a upgraded one from the original one you purchased. We hope you will find it even more useful.”

Don’t be afraid to get out there and promote your business for fear people will talk about you. When they talk about you, it’s a good thing even if it’s in a negative comment.

Your response is the most important part and can be a great way to shine and show how you handle difficult issues professionally.

So pay attention to who’s talking about you – whether it is good or bad – and be sure to respond!

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