Our van had finally had it. With almost 200K miles on it our mechanic said, “time to let it go.” So we searched for what we were going to drive next. I had some requirements – one of which was Bluetooth.

Now I know you’re wondering, “how does your car make you money with Bluetooth?” Well, every time I get in my car to meet with clients, take my kids to school or go to the office supply store, I take advantage of the Bluetooth option. I make necessary phone calls, I listen to motivational audiobooks and podcasts, I even dictate blog posts (when I am stopped in traffic, of course!).

I take advantage of the time in the car to make phone calls without having to pick up my phone. I return client calls, setup meetings and appointments and even catch up with family and friends.

From self-help information to business growth, from new ideas to innovative technology, I learn a ton from my audiobooks and podcasts. I haven’t calculated it exactly, but I’ll bet I am reading the equivalent of 1 book a week in my car. Here are some that are on my Audible app now:

• The Miracle Morning (Hal Elrod)
• Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert)
• Leap First (Seth Godin)
• The impact Equation (Chris Brogan)
• The Lean Startup (Eric Reis)
• The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg)

You don’t need to use Audible, there are many apps where you can download books to your phone so you aren’t using data as you travel (iBooks, Kindle, etc.). I am also a huge fan of Darren Rowse’s Problogger and Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcasts.

Listening to these books and podcasts often inspires me to write. I often see things when I am driving that have influenced my writing  – even things as simple as a bumper sticker or a sign on a building.

If you don’t have Bluetooth in your car but want to take advantage of travel time, here are some alternatives:

• Do you have a CD player where you can play motivational CD’s? An old one but still one of my favorites is The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz
• Can you just play something from your phone? Get yourself a phone holder for your dashboard, download the audiobook, podcast or CD to your phone and simply hit ‘play’ before you go on your journey.
• How about putting your phone on speaker to take calls? Or, better yet, spend $50 on a good Bluetooth ear piece or purchase the cool, new one from Verizon that hangs around your neck.

Now, if making calls or dictating blogs is a huge distraction for you, by all means be smart and don’t do this while driving. I am in no way advocating that you be unsafe when traveling, however, if you generally listen to the radio on your journey, try switching to a motivational or education audio recording to learn as you go.

Since purchasing my fancy, new car with Bluetooth, I have picked up several new clients and have new prospects meetings lined up, too! …coincidence?

Bottom line is, if you struggle with finding time to ‘get it all done,’ be sure you are taking advantage of your travel time and putting it to work for you to grow your business!

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