Mind Map | Markbeech MarketingAs people realize the value of Mind Mapping software, it’s quickly gaining popularity. Mind Mapping is a fantastic tool for getting your great marketing and strategy ideas down before you are ready to take the next step towards making them a reality.

Now, when you see those great ideas for a new program or way to market your product/service while surfing social networks and the blogosphere, you can capture your thoughts in a mind map. It’s a quick, easy way to map your ideas out so that, when you’re ready to flush out the full ideas and steps, you already have a starting point.

If you haven’t already found the perfect mind mapping tool for you, take a look at these great options:

Bubbl.us – This web app has a handy tutorial to help you get started with brainstorming. Bubbl.us has a free version, which is good for 3 maps, or you can receive access to create unlimited mind maps for $6/month. (We just started using this one and really like it. Simple to get started.)
Coggle – Coggle is also a web-based app. You have to sign in with a Google account, but it allows to you start mapping in seconds and is completely free to use. You can easily change and edit your mind map, then download it as a PDF or PNG. Coggle can also be used collaboratively.
iMindMap – The original Mind Mapping software created by Tony Buzan, who popularized mind mapping, iMindMap comes with a hefty price tag ($80 for home & student editions, $245 for the Ultimate version). This software keeps the process simple, so mind mapping doesn’t hamper your creativity, and also allows you to create vibrant, unique maps.
MindMap – If you’re always in Chrome, MindMap might be the right tool for you! You can add and use this extension for free. MindMap offers multiple kinds of cloud support and also works offline, so you can work on your mind maps anywhere you like.
Mindomo – Designed for businesses and educators, Mindomo not only creates great visuals, but it also allows you to divide and allocate tasks between team members.
• XMind – XMind claims to be the most popular mind mapping tool. It’s open source and can be exported in many different formats, including TXT, PDF, and HTML. XMind offers free accounts, but you can also add extra features for up to $79 a year.

Are you ready to mind map?

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