time-clockWhen you have a scheduled client meeting, business lunch, or even a casual coffee with a referral source, it’s important to do your best to arrive on time or early. Being punctual is part of presenting yourself in the best light, and being respectful to customers, potential clients, and even friends.

Here are just a few reasons to be on time or early to your next meeting:

• Running late can lead to stress. If you’ve been speeding, running red lights, or literally running down the street to an appointment, you’re likely to be under some anxiety and not at your best when you arrive.
• Punctuality shows that you’re dependable and professional. Punctual people are more often thought of as reliable because punctuality shows that you’re capable of showing up on time or getting tasks done by a deadline.
• Being on time creates a good first impression. When you’re on time or early, people think you have your act together.
• Being punctual makes you seem smarter, on top of things, and organized.
• People will appreciate your effort to be on time as considerate, thoughtful, and professional.
• And finally…it’s plain disrespectful to be late. Being late is selfish, because it asks the other person to give up their time while waiting for you, and boils down to the idea that, by being late, you value your own time more than that of another person.

We all have unfortunate situations when, for whatever reason, we’ve arrived later than we expected. Maybe a babysitter fell through, or the car got a flat tire. But these instances are generally few and far between.

Aside from unavoidable minor or major emergencies, perpetual tardiness is something you always want to avoid, as much in business settings as in personal daily life. Make an effort to be on time or early to all business meetings and interactions with others. You will gain a reputation for being respectful of others and having your act together which, in turn, will open doors to greater opportunities.

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