clock_logo3-150x150If you’re spending time and money each month on social media, it’s important to see what’s working and what not quite as useful as it could be. Engagement is often the most important thing to look at. Are your customers and prospects engaged?

Here are some smart ways to keep track:

For your website:
• Use Google Analytics to look at traffic to your website. Google Analytics allows you to monitor changes in your traffic over time. You can view which pages are most popular (be sure your most important information is here), if your other marketing (ie: monthly newsletter) adds a spike to your traffic, compare year to year statistics, see general overviews, and more.

• Facebook has its own statistics manager called Insights. You can look at which posts with the most Comments, Likes, and Shares, as well as which posts “Reach” the most people.

• On Twitter, you can track engagement by monitoring how many re-Tweets you have, if/when other Twitter accounts tag you, and your direct messages.
• You can also use a website like or

• Your LinkedIn engagement is different based on whether or not you’re looking at your personal or business pages.
• For personal pages, focus on connections, recommendations, and endorsements. Remember that one of the best ways to engage and build relationships on LinkedIn is to write recommendations for others.
• If you also have a business page, how many users are following you? Do you ask people to follow your business? Do you post regular, useful articles? If you’re in need of content, it’s a great idea to use your business’ blog post, or check out the sites featured in our blog article about social media content.

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