fb-friends-150x150As you know, you need a personal Facebook page to have a business page. But are you using your personal page effectively?

Here are 3 simple ways to use your personal Facebook page to ‘gently’ market yourself and your business and enhance your business relationships.

1) Put a link to your website or facebook business page
In your profile area (under your profile picture), write something about you and include a mention about your business. Not a ‘hard-sell’ but just a comment about your enthusiasm for your product or service.

For example: “I’m excited about the personal products we created to help Mom’s feel great! http://sweetcheeksallnatural.com/

And don’t forget your “http://” (Check out #2 on our earlier post).

2) ’Friend’ clients and prospects
A great way to reach out to clients and prospects is to do so personally. Ask them to friend you on facebook. Then, set up a ‘friends’ list with all your business contacts in it. (Click on ‘Friends’ on the left column under your profile picture, click ‘Edit Friends,’ click ‘Create a List.’

It is a really easy way to keep in touch with what is happening in their personal lives.

Did they have a bad week? Send them an uplifting quote.
Did they land a new client? Send them a congratulations note.

It’s a simple but effective way to build your relationships by showing your support.

3) Remind friends and family about your business
Have you ever had a personal friend or family member use someone else’s product or service because they forgot what you do for a living? It happens all the time. There was no malice intended, they just simply forgot.

To avoid this unfortunate situation, be sure to occasionally throw in some references on your personal status updates about your business.

Example for a Realtor: “Check out this beautiful home in Richmond’s west end which just came on the market. Know anyone who might like to see it?”

How do you use your personal page? Share your tips with us!

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