Anyone who has been to my workshops or seminars knows about my Friday folder, because my Friday folder is exactly what keeps me sane during the week.

I do the majority of my marketing on Fridays. I keep my ideas in a ‘marketing ideas folder’ – a two-tone blue folder in my desk drawer (and I started a desktop folder on my computer, too, for easy access to things I find online).

During the week, I find inspiration for blogging, posting, and marketing everywhere. It might come in the form of a magazine article, a post on a friend’s Facebook or Twitter profile, a comment someone has made in conversation, or an article on a current event.

I get inspired by brochures at my doctor’s office, the way a retail store is laid out (how all the new, full-priced stuff is pulled to the front of the store or the way the hats are displayed), a TV advertisement, or even how my dog, Jess, is such a natural at relaxing (she’s often in my office napping on her back with her belly in the air).

When I am inspired, though, it typically comes at a time during which I’m unable to stop what I’m doing and write, post, or use that inspiration for marketing purposes. Funny how inspiration does that! So, rather than lose the thought or completely stop what I’m doing, I keep all my ideas in my Friday folder.

It’s filled with scribbled down thoughts, website addresses, pictures ripped from magazines – whatever it is that will remind me of the great idea I had during the week.

Then, on Fridays, I turn off my phone and close my email. I even turn off my computer monitor if I’m not using it, so that I’m not distracted. Then I open my Friday folder, now filled with great marketing ideas and I write. I write blog posts, inspirational messages, social media posts, presentations – whatever it is that I need to achieve my marketing goals for the upcoming week (or month or the next month depending on how far ahead I am).

It’s pretty likely that you, the reader of this blog, are a busy business owner as well. I also know that there is inspiration happening all around you each and every day. The Greeks had this idea of inspiration or ‘genius’ as being a little muse that periodically popped in on you, but he didn’t always come when you were working. Sometimes inspiration pokes its head around the corner when you’re driving kids to soccer practice, or in the middle of an important meeting, or even while you’re working on something else entirely. You can’t always take advantage of it right away, but create a place where you can keep all those inspired ideas – and then schedule the time in your calendar and get ‘er done!

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