It's a rock… Get over it!I saw this on a car today and although it was meant to be a rock climbing reference, What came to mind was all the different interpretations of it for work and life.


Think about all the rocks that show up in your life. Sometimes it feels like there is a big boulder right in front of you stopping you in your tracks and blocking your view to the future. And your first reaction is, “How on earth am I going to overcome that? How am I going to make it to the other side? I can’t even see the other side anymore!”



Well, first of all, congratulations on seeing the boulder and realizing that it is something you need to overcome! You have achieved that all-important first step, recognizing it (some people even give it a name like, Herbert). Remember, what you are looking for is likely still there on the other side, it’s just out of view.



Next step is to evaluate whether what’s on the other side still makes sense for you to strive for. Often the universe will put boulders in our way to help us stop and think and listen and determine if that goal is still where you should be focusing your efforts or if it’s time to move in another direction.


Determine Your Options

If that goal is still right for you, then next step is to determine your options.

  • Can you throw a rope over and pull yourself up?
  • Would it be better to get suction cups and climb up?
  • Should you get a ladder to get on top of it and slide down the other side?
  • Can you just walk around it?


Let’s just think on that last bullet point. Sometime we choose the hardest solutions forgetting that there are actually simpler ways to achieve your goal (I personally think too often we feel like we need to ‘struggle and fight’ for what we want – which is really more psychological than practical or necessary).  I know I’m guilty of that!


Do you need to seek some help or advice on which is the best option? Make that phone call or send that email to someone who maybe has more information than you do. Maybe you know someone who has experienced this particular boulder before who can give you some perspective and direction.


Put Together a Plan

Next step is to make a plan. Break your goal down into small manageable steps. Write them down. Put them in the proper order. Determine when you will accomplish each one. Gather what you need.

Do you need a rope?

Do you need a ladder?

Do you need an expert’s assistance with the quickest route?


Make It Happen!

Last step is the implement your plan! Sometimes this can be the hardest step. After doing all the research and getting yourself ready, taking that first step forward can be frightening. Will I encounter another boulder? Will I realize this isn’t the right direction? Well, I can’t say for sure but without starting you’ll never know.


“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” ~ Joel A. Barker


So next time you have a big boulder front of you don’t be blinded by the fact that it’s a really big boulder and you can’t see the other side. Don’t stand there for too long, traumatized and sinking in the mud. Just take a deep breath, recognize that it’s a big boulder and say “Wow, that’s a big boulder!” and then move on to determining what’s next.  You can do it!

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