It's a Process | Markbeech MarketingSo I was getting dressed this morning and talking to my dog, Henry (as you do), and I was explaining to him all the things adults have to do when they get ready in the morning. Shower (wash with soap, wash your hair), dry off with a towel, get dressed, products on your hair, dry your hair, moisturizer on your skin, deodorant, choose an outfit, choose your accessories, shoes, makeup, etc. the list goes on and on.

And I was explaining that when you’re a little girl, you really just get in the bath/shower, use a bit of soap & shampoo, dry off, get dressed and you are done. When I was a kid, I wasn’t even that concerned with what I wore – as long as it was comfy. Often, and much to my Mom’s dismay, I didn’t even wear socks that match (but I guess that’s a thing now?).

And it got me to thinking…so how did I get to this multi-step routine to get ready in the morning? Did I just wake up one day and start doing all these things and using all those products? No. I really didn’t.

It’s a process. Just like building a business, growing your referral base, launching a new product or service or trying out a new revenue stream. It’s all a process. And there are lots of steps that you need to take to get there.

Some things you will try and choose not to repeat (Nair anyone?). And some make sense and work for you and take you closer to your ultimate goal (looking and feeling good, generating more income, attracting more clients, helping people, etc.).

So next time you look at someone’s business and say, wow! How do they make all that happen? I couldn’t possibly do all that! Stop and say, once upon a time, they were just a little girl and they did just the basics. And then they built on it.

So I say, get building! You can do it!

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