Straight from the random doodling of a six year old.likes | Markbeech Marketing When I saw what my daughter had written, it made me think.
Isn’t that what business is about, too? It is not just about products and service but rather about relationships.

Wikipedia explains Relationship Marketing, like this “Relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the long term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages.”

This year make the commitment to forge deeper relationships. It can be as simple as deciding to start sending out gift cards to referral sources, birthday cards to clients or Thanksgiving cards to everyone telling them you are thankful for their support.


Using Social Media
Why not use Facebook to promote a client or referral right on your personal and business page?

For example: “Just got the best haircut of my life from @Rebekah at @Salon Del Sol, she’s brilliant.”

A great way to use LinkedIn is to write a recommendation for someone. Write one for someone you have worked with or even someone you know who is a great resource.

For example: “Debbie is one of the best realtors around. If you need to sell your home, her experience and recommendations are invaluable. Two thumbs up!”

Or what about sending out a Follow Friday (#FF) tweet recommending your client, prospect or referral source?

For example: “Greak folks to follow! @Trina_Willard @wisemothers @jerljagoda @emmaLBurford #FF”

Make a habit of promoting a new client, prospect or referral source each week on facebook or providing an unsolicited recommendation for people you know on LinkedIn. Why not make a habit of sharing at least one referral a week to those in your network?

Relationship building doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive or even time consuming but giving your support will provide you and your business many happy returns.

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