social-media_500-150x150Social media is rapidly expanding; new platforms are being created regularly, some of them with huge breakout potential. While we believe that you should choose one platform to focus on at a time, if you’re ready for something new (or just to be aware of what’s new) read on!

Here are some of the hottest new social media platforms, as well as some of the more underrated, but well-known, options.

1. Medium
This is a new blogging platform by one of the co-founders of Blogger and Twitter. Medium is ideally designed for “little stories that make your day better and manifestos that change the world.” It launched in October of 2012 and is still in early beta stages, but features a compelling stark design and an easy editing mode.

2. RunKeeper
Ideal for people who are passionate about fitness, RunKeeper is a social networking app for tracking workouts and sharing fitness goals. Its growing community currently numbers approximately 20 million. If your business is related to fitness and/or overall health, you might find a viable target market here.

3. Pose
It’s been called the Instagram of the fashion word. Pose offers a clean, tile-based layout almost like Pinterest, but without the diversity of images. Users on this mobile and online community share pictures of outfits of accessories. If your target market is fashion focused, Pose might be a place to start an online presence.

4. Vine
Vine is Twitter’s answer to Instagram. It allows users to share super-short videos to massive audiences and is quickly gaining traction, specifically as a mobile app. Because of its popularity with the under-thirty audience, it can offer a great marketing platform for some businesses.

5. Pinterest
(ok, so not really that new…) We’ve included Pinterest (and Instagram, below) because both sites are continuing to reinvent themselves. Neither is used for large-scale marketing in the same way as Facebook or Twitter, but both have huge potential. Pinterest recently streamlined their entire layout, and the new design allows for much more personalization per user. Its current popularity with upscale, career women makes Pinterest a smart place for marketing to that sector.

6. Instagram
Instagram offers the opportunity to share edited pictures and videos. It recently began targeting businesses specifically with the ability to sponsor ads, and brands like TOMS, RedBull, and Macy’s have been using it successfully. Because of the huge Instagram audience, it offers a slightly less specific marketing niche than some of the previously mentioned sites.

If you are using any of these sites, let us know what you think!

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