heart-appleValentine’s are in the air this month so now is a great time to consider how you and your company are giving back this year. Whether it is offering something special to your clients, customers, and prospects or to a worthy charity, giving back will come back to you in many ways.

“Abundance comes from making others better off.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen

Giving on Social Media

Social media makes giving easy. We came up with some simple ways you can give this month with the help of social media:

~ give 10% off for all those who ‘Like’ your Facebook Fan page and come in your shop and say Happy February!

~ have a drawing for a free $20 Starbucks gift card. Just join our email list or send us an email (if you are already on our list) and mention the drawing.

~ for every new person who likes your Facebook Fan page this month, give $1 to a charity.

~ tell us why you love our product/service and for the person with the best answer, we’ll give you a $100 Visa gift card.

Giving Back to Charities

There are also great ways to give back to charities and build up your company morale at the same time. Is there a particular charity or organization that has touched one of your employees? Choose one or a few and get everyone involved.

~ Start a company team for the March of Dimes, March for Babies and get your clients and customers involved, too. Branded t-shirts and water bottles for everyone – go team! (Contact the folks from Rich’s Stitches – tell them Jeanne at Markbeech Marketing sent you!)

~ Have a ‘Habitat for Humanity’ day where your entire staff does volunteer work for a day. Then take them all out for a bite to eat and share the stories of the day. Have an award for the ‘Most inspirational worker’ and give out a trophy. Make it an annual event and hand down the trophy year after year.

Be sure to take photos of the events and post them on Facebook and ‘tag’ those who were there. Ask coworkers to write a blog posting on what the day was like for them – they’ll appreciate that you asked for their opinion and love that it is promoted on your company website.

Don’t forget to promote your ‘giving’ on your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn. Why not send an email blast? Ask the other companies involved (ie: charity, Starbucks) to help you promote it, too. Be sure to mention them in your Facebook posts and your Tweets so their fans can get involved, too.

Also, be sure to thank those involved, whether they are employees, clients, customers, prospects, or family members. A simple thank you on your Facebook page or Twitter account can open doors.

Giving back can be simple. And giving will come back to you in wonderful ways.

How are you going to give back this year?

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