Getting your team on board with social marketing

Getting your team on board with social marketing

You, the business owner, spend time and money ensuring your company’s facebook page is filled with great information; tips, resources, promoting your events, etc.


Why not get your team on board to help spread the word?


Here’s a simple idea, order lunch in on the first Friday of the month and have everyone bring in their cell phones and laptops (they’ll think you’re crazy at first – don’t we typically expect them to leave their devices at their desks for a meeting?!).


Then, have everyone visit the company facebook page and Like, Comment and Share some of the posts. It’s simple to do and only takes a few minutes but getting everyone involved in socially marketing your business has so many benefits.


  • It can garner additional exposure for your business (through their connections)
  • It reminds their friends and family what they do for a living
  • It’s a fun, team-building exercise
  • It’s also a great time to talk about any ideas they may have for posting:
    • Are there birthdays in the office to celebrate?
    • New clients to talk about?
    • Successes stories to share?
    • Did someone get a new puppy?


Remember, facebook is the perfect platform to share information about your business but also to give your ‘fans’ a little insight into what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’ in your office.


Sharing some social marketing time can be the start of a strong team environment as well as a smart way to grow your business.


Jeanne Willson

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