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Why bother with Twitter?

MM-TwitterTwitter is now a household word but should I bother spending my time on it when I so much on my plate already?

In a word – yes.

And here are just a few reasons why:

1) Address your customer’s questions. Small and large businesses are using Twitter to address customer queries. You can compete with the big guys.

2) When there is a huge media story – a national disaster hits, crazy weather, the Olympics start – people head in droves to see the latest updates on Twitter. Your customers and prospects are among them.

3) Do you have a new product or service to tell everyone about? Great place to do it.

4) Drive traffic to your website – include a link on your Twitter post to your website or your blog (or better yet, link them ;).

5) Have a special this week? A coupon or limited time offer?

Bottom line is that your customers are on Twitter. Not all of them, but those that are on are typically passionate about it. Become part of their world and reach them where they hang out.

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