fb-friends_smAre you looking for places to find social media content? As an entrepreneur, it’s important for you and your business to have a professional online presence. These sites are great places to find a variety of content:

1. Alltop – Alltop features top stories in multiple categories. It also links to different sites, such as Mashable, Wired, and CNN, and provides the titles of articles on those sites.
2. YouTube – As the second largest search engine on the internet, Youtube has a lot to offer. From informational videos to humor, you can find just about anything. It’s not only full of smart and useful tips, how-to’s and great information, but it has some really fun content, too. Look for How-Tos, Ted Talks, and other useful videos.
3. Kiplinger – Kiplinger is a useful financial news website. Check it out for finance topics such as insurance, college, real estate, and more.
4. The New York Times – This national newspaper has some of the most popular, well-written news articles in the country. The only downside is that you’re only allowed to view ten free articles a month without a paid subscription.
5. Your local newspaper. Ours here in Richmond is the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Be sure to check out your local newspaper(s) online for articles relevant to your area.
6. LinkedIn – In addition to being a great professional development site, there’s also useful information and articles on LinkedIn groups. You can use groups that are relevant to your industry to find helpful articles
7. BrainyQuote – This is a great site for finding quotes by author, topic, holiday, and more.

Further customize the material you promote by looking for information tailored towards your industry. For example, a decorator might search for content on Martha Stewart Living, a realtor might use Better Homes & Garden, or a day care provider might use HealthyChildren.org.

Remember, you are looking for great information that your customers want to see. Select topics you know will enhance their life, help them solve a problem or just entertain them!

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