As Facebook makes its daily formatting changes, one big change that will affect us small business owners is that…


So if you have the words ‘Become our Fan on Facebook’ on your website, business cards, email signature and personal FBML welcome page on Facebook, you will want to contact your graphic / web designer to make some updates.
It’s all part of a larger plan to share your interests which includes ‘Community’ pages. Here’s a more detailed article from

shocked_home Here are some comments from Facebook users on the change so far…

“I never liked the whole “Fan” thing Too Presumptuous :)”

“‘fans’ just seemed to feed egos, while ‘like’ tends to be much more friendly.”

“Yes FB, let’s make sure that not a day goes by without you changing yet another major facet of your platform. Why on earth would we want to become familiar with anything? That would be ridiculous!”

“This change seems to make it more difficult for page administrators to communicate directly with their fans, er, make that “likers….?”

What are your thoughts?
How will you refer to your Facebook ‘Fan’ page now?
Will you try out the new ‘Community’ pages or is the whole thing a bit more confusing now?

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