email-exampleOne of my clients is over the moon about their monthly newsletter (and who doesn’t love that?). We have been sending out their newsletter for about five months now with good success. Open rates have been between 30-40%, which is high compared to their industry average of 15%. Their newsletter looks great and is filled with industry news, information about their products, as well as industry events they are attending.

These past few months have truly shown why a newsletter is a great place to communicate with your clients and prospects.

January’s email newsletter featured a new product my client had just put on the market. We included a picture of the product as well as a link to their website with more information. As soon as the newsletter went out, they received a request for a quote for a very large order for this new product.

In the following month’s email newsletter, there were two more new products promoted, and they are now quoting on a huge order for a big, new client they have been interested in for a long time.

Twelve months ago, this would never have happened. They did not have any regular communication with their clients. They had developed new products, but had not established a smart way to inform and educate their audience.

Amazing what a little ole’ monthly newsletter can do for your business!

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