Email marketing is powerful and can be incredibly effective.email_vsm-150x71

Reminding your contacts about your company and providing them resources on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis can mean the difference between them calling you or contacting your competitor.

Here are our top six tips for creating effective emails:


Tip #1: Be sure you have an attractive subject line

This can be a ‘make or break’ for your email. Write it last, after you have all your content in your email, so you can sum up the most important part. Keep it under 40 characters and put the most important words first. Send a sample to yourself and a friend to see how it looks in your email and whether you would be tempted to open it if it were from someone else.

Tip #2: Track your success

One of the most important things you can do is track your success. Find out the industry average rates (from Constant Contact: Take special notice of the open rate (how many people open your email) and click through rate (how many people click on your links) to see how you are stacking up compared to the average. Experiment with different subject lines and try sending it out on different days/times to see which are most effective. You can even try splitting your contacts and sending the same email with different subject lines to see which one is more effective.

Tip #3: Be sure they know it’s you

Be sure you have your company name or your personal name in the subject line or ‘from’ so it doesn’t end up in the spam folder. If they see something from info@yourcompany, it might sound like junk versus something from

Tip #4: Be good to your fans

Keep track of those who forward your email information. Thank them and then reward them – offer them a special bonus (a tip sheet?) or a discount or let them be the first to hear about your special offers.

Tip #5: Include links to where they can find you

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Do you have a website? Announce it to your contacts through email. Be sure to include links and images, if possible, to all these opportunities for your audience to reach out and communicate with you.

Tip #6: Fill your email with useful tips, hints, resources

Don’t make it all about your company. As with social media, position yourself as a resource for your clients, customers and prospects. Provide them value – let them know about local events, special deals (not necessarily yours), how to do-it-yourself, tips, seasonal information, etc.

Email is something that almost everyone uses on a daily basis. Provide your contacts useful and worthwhile information and you can build your brand, their loyalty and their trust all with the touch of a mouse.

Do you use email marketing? Has it been effective?

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