Marginal Difference |Markbeech MarketingWhen it comes to marketing our businesses it’s extremely important to think about what makes your company different or unique. People don’t want to work with ordinary, average businesses; they want to work with someone better. They will pay for something better.

But what makes us better? Sometimes we want to go wild with crazy slogans or huge design changes to our marketing materials to push ourselves towards being wildly different. When the reality is we just need that little marginal difference. Most companies marketing plans are average, so all a business really needs to do is to be a little different, a little better, than everyone else out there. When you have that marginal difference and your work that marginal difference, you can really start to see some extraordinary results.

When you think about marketing and differentiating yourself from everyone else, think about something as simple as water. Who would have thought, twenty years ago, that you could put water in a bottle and sell it? Not only that, but that the bottled water industry would be so competitive that some companies can charge a premium for their water? Water is water, the simplest beverage you could ask for (and one that you can get right out of your tap at home!). Companies like Evian and Nestle are competing for the same customers but each ones does so slightly differently.

What makes the different is the story they are telling and that we associate with the product. Vitamin Water makes us feel good not only about drinking more water but it’s water with extra vitamins! Figi Water claims it’s the ‘taste of paradise.’

Think about it, choosing which company to buy bottled water from is less about the product, and more about the story, the feeling that you get from the company based on their marketing and branding. Each story speaks to a slightly different customer and your decision on which one to buy is really more about how emotionally tied you feel to that particular story than the product yourself.

When thinking about your marketing, it’s important to think about how your business tells your story. What sets you apart? What benefits do you offer customers? How do you demonstrate that little, vital, marginal difference?

Time to find that great story, that marginal difference and make it work for you!

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