fb-url_smA custom url or address is an important part of branding your business and is very valuable your business for a few reasons #MMTT:

1) It helps your SEO
Having an online presences is great if your prospects and customers can find you. A custom url that includes your name or company name makes it easy for Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the search engines to find you.

2) It is easy to remember
When you sign up for a Facebook Fan page or a LinkedIn profile, your url will have lots of extra numbers and letters. Not very easy to remember.

Original Facebook url:

Custom Facebook url:

– – –

How do I use it?

You can use your customized url:
~ during in-person networking, tell a prospect where to find you
~ in your presentations
~ on your business cards
~ in your email signature

– – –

How do I set it up?

Here are two great You Tube videos from our UK friends at Electric Pen Ltd. to illustrate how to set up your custom facebook and linkedin url:

How to create at custom URL for your Facebook business page

How to create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile page

Here are our custom urls:

become a fan on Facebook

 facebook.com/MarkbeechMarketing (don’t forget to ‘Like’ our page!)

connect with Markbeech Marketing on LinkedIn

linkedin.com/in/MarkbeechMarketing (connect with us!)

Feel free to share your Facebook and LinkedIn custom urls in our comments below.

  1. This is great thanks!!

  2. Thanks, Kirsten, it’s a handy tool. Glad you found it useful.

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