Marketing MessageIn its simplest form, your marketing message is a brief description of your business that clearly states what you do and who you serve. It should also include what makes you unique to other businesses.

For example, here’s the marketing message for Markbeech Marketing:

At Markbeech Marketing, we are a virtual marketing department for small businesses. We help small business owners develop and execute a strategic marketing plan consistently throughout the year. Through customized content marketing strategies utilizing online platforms such as blog-ready websites, email marketing, social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and smart client follow-up, we help you develop strong and valuable relationships with your customers, prospects and referral sources. We help you become a resource for your clients, grow your referral sources and attract new prospects while consistently reaching and influencing your target market.

We can also simplify our marketing message to a tag line like ‘We help small businesses develop relationships with their perfect customers.’

Both the longer and shorter versions here tell the reader about our business’ purpose, and what our business can do for them. The longer marketing message also provides concrete examples of what we do — for example, we utilize online platforms such as social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your own marketing message:

STEP 1 – Identify your target market.

Think of your best clients or what your best/ideal client would look like. List the qualities that make this client ideal. Consider geography, gender, age, income level, values, interests, standards, what they consider quality, etc.

• Must read book: Attracting Perfect Customers
• Great article from ProBlogger on Creating Reader Profiles for your Blog

STEP 2 – Identify the problems that your target market experiences.

For Example: Realtors need to know how to build strong referral sources.

STEP 3 – Present some solutions to your market’s problem.

For Example: Use a strong follow up system when you meet with a new prospect like the Referral Builder offered at Live Love Marketing.

STEP 4 – Present the results you’ve produced for other people in the same situation.

For Example: We are thrilled to have helped hundreds of people find their perfect home.

STEP 5 – Explain what makes you different from your competitors.

For Example: Our 20 years experience means not only have we have seen it all, we have a smart solution to any problem or issue that may arise.

Continue to tweak your marketing message until your happy with it. It’s important that you feel confident that it illustrates the image of your ideal business. Share it with trusted and respected fellow business people, friends or family to ensure it is clear and provides the right message you are looking for. Remember, sometimes it’s the first thing someone will read about your business.

A great marketing message draws clients in and gets them excited about the possibilities. Combine that with effective, consistent marketing, and a great product or service and you’ll have an amazingly successful business.

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