entrepreneur-magazine-april-2011_lrg-225x300It’s funny that most of my life is spent on technology but that my passion is really in print. My free time is spent in print. I love the feel of the paper. I love that magazines are lightweight and easy to pack. I love that there are short articles for my entrepreneurial ADD mind, and I love that I can highlight websites to go to or people with whom to connect.

Reading magazines are a vital part of my stolen moments of quiet in my house early on a Saturday morning. All I need is a cup of tea, dogs at my feet, and a good mag. And don’t forget the highlighter!

I get inspiration from Entrepreneur, Success, Fast Company, Inc, and even non-business magazines like Real Simple.

In addition to being my secret print passion, magazines can also be extremely useful in helping to grow your business. How, you ask?

Here are some ideas…
• Magazines provide a great opportunity to connect with the authors of articles really resonated with you – connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, LIKE their Facebook page. Be sure to write a note to them on how much you enjoyed their article. Maybe promote it on your profiles and tag them. They’re going to appreciate your support, and the networking could even pay off later on.
• Use the article as advice or inspiration to write a blog post about a product/service/idea you like or don’t like, then take a picture of the original article and include it in your post.
• Promote an informative article that is filled with useful tips. You can generally find the article online if you found it in a print magazine, and you can promote/give you take on the online article in your blog or social networking pages.
• If you read articles on your tablet or mobile phone, try the Flipboard app – it’s easy to flip through articles and share them (https://flipboard.com/) or comment on them.
• Write a letter to the editor. If you have something to say about how you loved it/didn’t love it. Share your opinion!
• Rip out articles that give you ideas for your marketing. Put them in your marketing ideas folder.

Don’t just read that magazine and toss it – use it to build relationships and grow your business!

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