How to Get More People to Buy Your Products During the Holidays [email marketing tips]

The biggest shopping holidays of the year are right around the corner (can you believe it?)! Looking to get more people to purchase your products and services during Black Friday or Christmas and Hanukkah? Now is the time to use email marketing to support those special offers and reach out to past clients/customers, prospects and referral sources. Here are some smart, strategic tips to ensure your email gets opened and your sales grow.


  • Offer % off deals. Statistically, these outperform dollar-off deals by 47%. Be sure to put the % off in your email subject line!


  • Use question marks in your email subject line. For example, ‘Ready to save 25% off?’ Punctuation marks can have a positive impact on open rates (crazy, isn’t it?) and question marks are statistically the best to use as they can increase open rates by 44% when compared to other punctuation marks like exclamation points.


  • Be sure your subject line is 6-10 words – no more, no less. Different people use different email services and each email service shows a different number of words in the subject line. In order to ensure your entire subject line is seen by the receiver, be sure to stick to no more than 10 words. However, if you use an email service that allows you to have a subheading (like Constant Contact) be sure to take advantage of that, too. I know Gmail users will be able to see it and you can have an even greater impact.


  • Send out more than one email about your deal. As a business owner (and consumer) we sometimes feel we are ‘bothering’ our customers by sending them more than one email a month, but I can assure you, if you are sending relevant content – like reminding people that your amazing pricing deal ends at midnight!– they will so appreciate it! Often times when your first email reaches them, they may not be in a position to purchase, maybe they are traveling or at the grocery store or waiting for an important meeting to start or just don’t have their credit card handy at that time. It’s totally ok to remind them about the special more than once.


Email marketing to promote your specials is an excellent way to build your sales at a time of year when people are ready to buy. Be sure to use these tips to make it even more successful!

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