Doable 13 - Setting Up a Landing Page

Setting Up a Landing Page – Doable 13

We are thrilled to have the very talented author, Stacey Myers here today to help us build our list with 30 daily doables! We are stop 13 of her blog tour – you’ll surely want to check out any days you missed and stay on the tour for the remaining!…Enjoy!

Here we are at day 13 of the ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables’ Blog Tour. Yesterday we looked at adding a side bar opt in to your website. If you missed that post you might want to go back and check it out, especially if you haven’t set yourself up with one yet. A full list of the blogs we have already visited can be found at the the Blog Tour Information Page.

The lovely Jeanne Kugler Willson is our host today! Thank you so much for having us!!

Don’t forget that not only can you learn some neat tricks about list building but you can also win great prizes. You can find all the ways to enter at the bottom of this post.

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Have an amazing day!

Stacey Myers

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Setting Up a Landing Page – Doable 13

A landing page opt in (sometimes called a squeeze page) is a page that people come to opt in and get what it is that you are giving away. Generally when it is a landing page there isn’t anything else on the page for people to get distracted by.  They either opt in or they leave the page (bounce off, is the official word for it).

These pages aren’t usually visible on a website when you visit it.  You would generally lead people to these pages with a link on social media or it might be a page that your affiliates have a link to.

The other time you might see a landing page like this is on the first page of someone’s website.  You land on the website and are instantly asked to opt in. It sometimes looks like you can’t go to the website if you don’t opt in.  But there will be a little link on the page somewhere that says ‘no, thanks’ or something similar that you can click on and go through to the website. This type of opt in, although it can be annoying to the person that is coming to the site, has a higher sign up rate than some of the other opt in locations.

Above or beside the opt in form you will want to add a good headline and then bullet point a few of the benefits they will get from receiving your free gift.  You don’t need to have huge amounts of writing on the page. A picture to represent what they are getting or a list of benefits will have the page look more appealing.  If you are comfortable making a video then you could use that also.  You will then want a call to action, where you ask people to fill out the form to receive your free report or whatever else it is that you are giving away.  Here is an example of what it might look like.

Once you are more established you will be able have a few different offers that you promote on different landing pages.

If you would rather watch than read, I have created a Resource Page that houses videos on how to put all of these forms on your website.

What are some things you have learned so far on the blog tour?  I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank you ever so much for hosting us along the tour!!

    • Thanks, Stacey! You’ve really shared some valuable information in this blog tour! Our thanks to you for helping educate our visitors!

  2. I’m amazed at the depth of info you’re providing on this blog tour, Stacey! Great stuff.

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