social-media_500-300x217We’ve all seen the articles with purposefully misleading titles, or those with headlines that don’t really tell you much about the information you’ll see. Headlines like:

You’ll never believe what happened to your favorite star…

People should know about this awful thing we do, and most are unaware…

Known as “click-baiting,” these articles tend to get more clicks, which means they are shown to more people and then are more likely to appear in your newsfeed. However, as it turns out, people would actually rather see content with headlines that help them decide whether or not they want to read an article.

Facebook is updating its algorithm to try to de-popularize the stories with click-bait headlines. By looking at how long people spend away from Facebook after they’ve clicked on a link, how often links are shared, and the ratio of people clicking on content vs. discussing and sharing it, Facebook is seeking to downsize the prevalence of click-bait content.

Linked posts with the preview intact will also get more priority over status updates or photo posts, meaning that your useful business content may be more likely to show up in newsfeeds.

Here’s the full announcement from the Facebook newsroom.

This is big

Until recently, posts with photos were most likely to have the best reach, but didn’t necessarily share the most useful content. By upping the reach of linked posts and reducing the reach of click-baiting headlines, Facebook is becoming even more useful for businesses and business pages that use real, helpful content to generate user engagement.

What do you think of Facebook’s newest algorithm update?

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