great-jobTestimonials can be some of your most effective marketing tools; after all, everyone loves to work with someone that people recommend! However, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to ask customers for these great tidbits. Here are some easy, unobtrusive ways to boost your testimonials:

• After your client purchases something, send them a thank you note along with a request for a testimonial. Include a self-addressed postcard where they can easily write the testimonial and send it back to you.

• Write them a recommendation on LinkedIn. Bonus: Most people will be likely to write one back.

• After a client compliments you, follow up your expression of gratitude by asking them if you can use that as a testimonial.
(For example: “Thank you so much, what a nice thing to say! Would you mind if I write that down and use as a testimonial? I’d love for other people to know how you felt about working with me.”)

• If they compliment you in person, ask if they wouldn’t mind being videotaped for a quick testimonial video. If they agree, just pull out your smart phone and record them, then upload to your Youtube or Vine channel.

• Whenever you do customer satisfaction surveys, you can provide space for a testimonial – just kindly ask for their comments on working with you.

• Make requesting a testimonial part of your business process, something you do after you confirm a sale, contract, or engagement.
(For example: “Sherry, we received your approval for your monthly newsletter today and will schedule it to go out Tuesday. Thank you! We’re happy to be working with you as you build your prospect list via email marketing. As you know, our business is built on referrals, and we were hoping you’d be willing to write use a short recommendation or testimonial. Would you mind?”)

• Ask happy clients to refer to you on social media. They can write something nice on your company news feed or share your posts. Any positive social media mentions can act as referrals, and are a great but low-key way to potentially gain new clients.

Think about it this way: a lot of your happy clients just need a little nudge and direction so they can help you grow. Go ahead and ask them when they’re particularly pleased with your work, such as when you’ve solved a big issue, when they’ve achieved success because of you, or when they’re already giving you praise. Asking for testimonials in these moments can greatly increase your chances of receiving a glowing review!

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