last10-percentOften, when we have a new project or task to start on, we’re excited and motivated.
The words flow, the pieces fall into place, we easily overcome the first round of obstacles, etc.

But then, as the project winds down, we can often begin to struggle when we get to the last 10%. It could be for any number of reasons…

We may be tired from all that we have accomplished.
We may be running out of inspiration.
We may let self-doubt creep in.
Whatever the cause, it’s important to plan ahead for how to handle the last 10% of that project.

Here are some ideas:

• Make your deadline public (ie. share it with your social media followers). You wouldn’t want to disappoint your followers, would you?
• Talk to someone: a respected friend, a trusted co-worker, your boss. Explain the project to them and, in doing so, you may find the inspiration sparked again
• Take a short break from working furiously and do something physical. Use that break to take a walk, a run, or get in a quick work out at the gym. Do anything that will get the blood flowing and get you excited again.
• Read or listen to something inspirational. Have a favorite song? A favorite book? Depending on how you’re feeling jam out to some exciting tunes or make a cup of tea and read a section of a novel. (Did you know…research suggests that reading is the easiest and fastest way to de-stress?)
• Think about the amazing and positive impact your project will have on your clients, your fans, and/or your team. Write down how this will bring about such positivity, then post it in your office.

Oftentimes that last 10% is the most difficult, but also the most important. By planning ahead for that difficult hurdle, you can overcome it!

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