prospects_sm-150x81It’s Tuesday and we are excited about our Tuesday Tip this week (#MMTT) because it is all about using social media to communicate to your prospects or referral partners. If you have a list of people or businesses you want to reach out to and a plan on how to accomplish that, you are much more likely to achieve your goal.

I do love a good, meaty, exciting strategy (ok, I’m a geek in that respect). Here are some easy ways we reach out and get noticed by prospects we want to work with:

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Tuesday Tip

6 Ways to Reach Your Prospects with Social Media
1) Make a list of 25 people or businesses you want to work with.
(If your business is business-to-consumer (B2C) you may want to make your list full of influential people you want to reach out to who can help boost your exposure.)

2) Check out their blog. Comment on it regularly with your thoughts.

3) Link to their blog from your blog.
Perhaps you can mention them in one of your blog postings as a great resource? List them in your blog roll.

4) Become a fan of their business on Facebook. Friend them personally.
Mention their business in some business status updates by using the @ tag (@MarkbeechMarketing).

Give them and their business a plug on your personal page – do they sell a product or service your friends might be interested in? (example: “Just used the @ShopSweetCheeks Bum Butter on my baby girl – it’s fantastic. Thanks @VanessaM!”)

5) Follow their business on Twitter. Follow their personal Twitter account.
If they follow you back, don’t send them an automated direct message (DM) thanking them, instead send them a personal message. (example: “Thanks, Michael for the follow. I just love your video tutorial on getting more Twitter Followers. Look forward to more.”)

And be sure to send it as a DM and not as a Tweet. It will not be public and influential people will be more likely to write you a personal DM in return.

6) Connect with them on LinkedIn.
Be sure your profile is up to date and full of great information about you and your business (including a photo of you). Once connected, you can send them a personal email or mention them as a great resource in your updates or group discussions. And if you can find someone you know well who is connected to them, ask them to introduce you.

Final thoughts
Reaching out to prospects is simple through social media. Make a strategy, set aside some time to spend on it – you never know where it might lead!

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