blogging | Markbeech MarketingBlogging can be an incredibly valuable way to use Content Marketing to promote your business, showcase your expertise or provide valuable resources for your clients, customers and prospects.

But one of the most challenging parts about blogging is the never-ending question of ‘what should I write about?’

We decided to give you a hand and make a list of 25 great blog post ideas for blog postings to get your creativity going:

  • Write ‘great ideas on how to use our products’ (people don’t always know they have more than one use).
  • Write about what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at your business. Do you have afternoon brainstorming sessions? Can you describe how ‘Bobby’ runs the machines in the shop? What is the first thing you bake in the morning at your bakery and why?
  • Look through your email and find your client’s FAQ’s, then answer each one in a different blog post.
  • Have a customer/client write about how they used your product (if they want to say how much they loved it’, that would be great, too ;). And let them know they can do it as a video instead.
  • Review a book. We are business book junkies in our office and have read some we loved and some we didn’t love. Write about one that inspired you!
  • Interview someone – this can be one of your employees, a customer, a client, or even a supplier. Ask them them what they do, how they got where they are, what they love about their job/company.
  • Use a famous person or show to make your point (ie: what the Big Bang Theory Taught me about being a geek’) – this can be a great ‘eye-catching’ way to bring people in to read your blog.
  • Make a top 10 list – David Letterman isn’t the only one who can have top 10 lists. How about the top 10 resources for your customers? top 10 ways to use your product? Top 10 bad jokes you heard at the water cooler?
  • Don’t have enough ideas for a Top 10 list? How about a top 5 list?
  • remember the milk | Markbeech MarketingShare the online tools you use in your business. People who are successful use tools. Why not share the tools you use everyday to make yourself successful? Our favorite online tools are Evernote for note taking, Remember the Milk for to do lists and for project management, you just can’t beat Basecamp.
  • Share a case study or success story – everyone loves a good success story – why not share one from one of your clients?
  • share your favorite blogs/bloggers – who inspires you, makes you laugh, always has a smart take on what’s going on?
  • Invite readers to submit a guest blog – this is great for building relationships with referral partners. Perhaps they will even return the favor!
  • Write about your favorite app and why – there are just so many out there why not share which ones you find useful in your business? Like Card Munch for scanning and connecting on LinkedIn.
  • Make a list of the top 4 must-read blog posts each week – you are already out there reading up on the latest gadgets, resources and stories, why not share your favorite articles each week?
  • Share a failure you had and what you learned – we all fail at one time or another, it’s all part of the overall learning process. It also makes you more ‘human’ to your followers. Let them see some of your warts – it will only make them love you more.
  • Talk about an important day in history and how it relates to your business
  • Record/post a short video while walking around your office. People will love seeing what it’s like to be in your office. Take them for a tour
  • Give your take on something happening in your industry
  • Share favorite recipes and the memories behind them – this can be holiday related (ie: Aunt Betty’s pumpkin pie recipe at Thanksgiving) or just seasonal like great places to go apple picking in your area.
  • Publish a resource list (ie: best online resources for non-profits)
  • Make a list of the people you follow on Twitter, Fan on facebook or follow on Pinterest
  • Share a list of people you admire and why
  • Take a screenshot of your favorite product and talk about how it makes your life better
  • Pick a side on a controversial issue and explain your perspective

Now, set aside time in your calendar (make it an appointment) to sit down and write!

Do you have any ideas to add to our list? We would love to hear them. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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