an apple?

GreenAppleWhy is an apple representative of our business here at Markbeech Marketing?

An apple is…

Healthy – apples are good for your body and marketing is good for your business! If done properly, marketing keeps your small business healthy and strong.

Green – it’s our favorite color in nature; the color of the grass and trees and represents all that is natural. We believe in developing natural, ‘organic’ relationships with your prospects and clients.

Gift – an apple for a teacher. We believe that giving back should be a part of your business vision and your marketing efforts.

Looks yummy – as appealing as this lovely, green apple is, your company brand should be just as appealing to your target market. Professional, strategic design.

Tempting – your marketing efforts should be enticing to your prospects and motivate them to want to be involved.

We love our apples here at Markbeech Marketing.

How about them apples?